Fruity Lamb with Redcurrant Jus

Fruity Lamb with Redcurrant Jus

Pressure Cookers

If you thought cooking a Sunday lunch was a laborious task then think again! A pressure cooker can cut your cooking times in half. That means it is possible to cook an entire Sunday lunch in just one pan (apart from the gravy) - saving you time, energy and washing up! Can life get any easier than that? Served with sweet potatoes, leeks and green beans. This tangy stuffing adds a wonderful taste twist to a joint of lamb which is complemented perfectly by the sweet potatoes, and because we browned the lamb off in the pressure cooker before cooking, it looked just as good as it tasted!

Serves 4

Preparation time 20 mins

Cooking time 35 mins for the Lamb plus 10 mins for the vegetables



1 Mix all of the ingredients for the stuffing together in a bowL

2 Open the boned lamb shoulder and put the stuffing inside. Wrap up the lamb and secure with pieces of string tied at regular intervals along the meat.

3 Using the pressure cooker as a pan, heat the oil and brown the lamb off.

4 Add the red wine and 200ml water, then put the lid on and turn the pressure indicator to II than bring to pressure. When pressure is reached, after about 5 minutes, cook for 30 minutes. Release the pressure quickly.

5 Remove the lamb and sit it on a warm serving dish: cover with foil.

6 Pour the liquid from the pressure cooker into a little saucepan and simmer over a medium heat to reduce by half. Add three teaspoons of redcurrant jelly and two teaspoons of mint sauce then season to taste.

7 Quickly clean out the pressure cooker and fill with 300ml water.

8 Place the prepared vegetables into the separator and place onto the trivet. Turn the pressure indicator to II and cook under pressure for five minutes.

9 Release the steam quickly.

10 Sit the vegetables on a warm serving dish. Do the same for the green beans but only cook under pressure for 2 minutes.